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  Coco Peat, a 100% Organic, bio-degradable substrate and it’s ready for all growers needs

Nevics Agro

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Incorporated in the year 2011, Manufactures Coconut Coir based Products. Coco Fiber / Coir Pith / Coco Peat in different quality and packaging for Professional Growers, Hydroponic, Green House, Gardening uses, and Coconut Fiber for Mats, Bedding et al. We do consulting & Services in Agriculture and Green House Growing.


Coconut coir dust known as Coco Peat, Coco Pith, Coir Dust etc., is best known for its substrate like ability to grow plants. COPEMIX is such substrate made from fine weed free Coco Peat for growing needs. Our Coco Peat products are sold in the brand name - CopeMix

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  • Surpriced !!! It really aids in Growth

    Amit Shah Business Man


  • Agricultural Consulting

    Consulting services for all agriculture related projects.

  • Hydrophonics

    Hydrophonic solutions for growers and green house solutions

  • Home Gardening

    Home Gardening solutions - Substrate, equipments and solutions

Team Members

  • A Amalan
    Freelance Consultant
    Studies: PHD, TN
    Skills: Hydrophonics, Physiology, Entamology & Pathology


  • Uvaraj Radhakrishnan
    Freelance Consultant
    Studies: PHD, Texas University, TX
    Skills: Genetics
  • ...
    Studies: ...
    Skills: ...

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